Ol' can't read a room Tomlinson


buck breaker supreme
The people commenting in the reddit thread talk about how pineapples symbolize it too.




jfc, the signs were always there...


I miss timallenonacid ☹
hold up. hold up. hold the fuck up!

i think the ring fat rick's wearing suggests that there's some truth to nikki and him being in a open relationship.

a few years ago i was reading a lot about the swinger lifestyle on different sub-reddits and blogs (just being curious boy :sneaky:).

one thing that would always come up was that swingers would wear black copper rings to secretly notify other couples that they were "in the scene."

I can't tell if the ring is actually made of copper, but it looks close. i also don't think it's common to see a grown man wear a black ring instead of wedding ring - or wear jewelry in general.

He's wearing the ring on his left hand. You can see his watch and the pic was taken in a mirror. I'm almost positive that's just another example of Pat attempting to do something and doing it wrong though.