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Obscura: True Crime Podcast is doing an episode on SFWA’s pedophilia - Paul Weimar mentioned


actual social intelligence

He's really upping the threats tonight.
Patrick is too much of a fucking pussy to file a lawsuit.
He pursued the lolsuit because he thought he would be unopposed. Same with the restraining order, which he did not properly serve to Nadolski even though he knew his address.

He's too much of a pussy to sue anyone with a name and only attacks anonymous internet bogeymen. He thought exposing someone's identity was his ace in the hole, and all his loser wannabe journalist friends are gonna join in in destroying the reputation of whoever is exposed. As Nadolski and Dan have proven, it is not, and even he knows that now.

Did fat yellow-toothed debt-saddled faggot Justin Baragona even mention Dan or Nadolski by name in his Daily Beast article?

Slackjawed Cow

I laugh at them because they're all the same.
He literally has no money left. Without the loan, he never would have filed the first time. They won't make that mistake again which is why the entire SFWA, minus Patrick, is playing the silent game on Justin.

Patrick is totally dead ass broke
Just paid $1400 for another phone. Twitter will always win over lawyers.