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Obscura: True Crime Podcast is doing an episode on SFWA’s pedophilia - Paul Weimar mentioned


He doesn't even see that 99% of people have no fucking clue about anything involving Rick Johnson and his merry band of stlakers. Someone gets a fake contact form response, they contact Rick, and Rick immediately flies off the handle at them. Obscura is telling him that his "first interaction" was probably Pat being a cunt to him. He's too stupid to see that when you're a piece of shit to everyone you encounter, everyone is going to treat you accordingly.
Pat doesn't remember that they butted heads over that meme of the girl in the horse before some rascal did the contact form bit. Fat drunk idiot.


What you Torquing bout Wheelers
He's #2 after Meme Mike, speaking of which have we gotten a comment from him about the arrest record?


Pat 'everyone is gullible' Tomlinson.

'The things that I wrote on social media and official court documents are not the things I wrote on social media or official court documents, child.'
Maybe the obscura guy was also tricked by someone pretending to be a huffingtonpost reporter and talked to him for 7 hours only to be called FFwBT at the end.