No pictures of who he's with. Weird.


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It looks like those trick photos where you can’t identify anything. Straight up.
The fuck am I looking at?

This is driving me nuts. Who butters their rolls like this? If it melts, it's going to go all over the plate. It's like not slicing a bagel and smearing cream cheese on top of it or putting a cheeseburger on top of the bun instead of inside of it. "Pants-shitting retard" gets thrown around a lot but stuff like this makes me believe it.
It makes sense when you realize he eats them in one bite.


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I suppose you could make the argument that he's not taking full-on family photos these days, because of the enemies he's made. You can certainly say with utility that he has no one to go to on holidays but if you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, you could say: "He's not taking family photos at all these days, because of how polarizing he is in his normal life and the enemies he's made because of it". I mean; we've already dunked on his brother for being a waterhead, so 🤷‍♂️

Although, this whole thing stinks of an ulterior motive. I think this screams of loneliness and social nihilism; two things that seem to be eternally pinned to the consistently fervent ideologues of our time. They're constantly making their own hell.
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croissants from a can ✔️
Dry, burnt stuffing ✔️
Canned cranberries ✔️
Pre-sliced ham from a serving tray??✔️
giant, unmelted pieces of butter ✔️
no placemat or proper napkins ✔️

Nobody eats like this except white trash bumfuck wisconsin fat rubes
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Jesus how old is this pic? He was even wearing shirts 1-2 sizes too small back then. He looks so fucking stupid. I dare you to lift your arm straight up so we can see your fat belly.