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Nice winter vehicle care stupid


Sane Sociopath
No you shouldn't. I have a honda ruckus 50cc and I always keep her covered

The Björk Brotherman

Ringo ain't here, nigger. You're on thin ice.
Yes, he used to have his bikes put in storage each year. Reminder: His previous one was named Amelia. FAGGOT.

Back when he actually cared about snow on his vehicles. Now the poverty pig doesn't give a fuck because he's helpless:



OA Army General
From the little bit you can see it looks like he fixed his fence and it is facing the right way now.
That’s another W for the funsters and another big fat L for the big fat loser.

Didn’t Pat say he went down to city hall or whatever and had the code violation thrown out because he is a super special boy?
My source also shared this pic that includes the fence but unfortunately it's pretty blurry

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Why do they still have two scooters? Surely one could be sold to pay off quasi.
the japanese one he hasn't even started in many many years and it's always been outdoors, it's worth shit but it has sentimental value because it's his first ever vehicle IIRC.

why is he using the tarp on the worthless junk and not the 2017 Triumph can only be explained by his profound retardation. Chief grease monkey btw.