mm schill's husband isn't white either


Chiavete a mammeta


That is not how oopsie doodles works.
Are from-Japan Japanese women all subservient like I imagine/hope they are? In my early 20s I had daydreams about marrying a quiet, obedient Japanese woman who would blow me while I ate the dinner she made me when I came home from work. I'd also be wearing a samue like an old school shogun or samurai. I would enjoy it but show little outside of begrudging approval via a grunt and head nod.

I guess what I'm asking is should I divorce my wife and find myself a flesh and blood waifu?
Generally speaking, actual Japanese chicks will lure you in with that shit and then immediately become cunts once you're locked down. I lived in Japan for a while and had this experience several times and knew a few foreign guys who got trapped for life like that. @Dougie may or may not have some thoughts on the experience.

I met my wife here while she was working as a production assistant so she was more Westernized and, since I'd already made something of a success of myself, was well aware I would have just told her to fuck off. We've been married 11 years now though so she can absolutely be a twat but our daughters completely favor me so I'll always win in the end. She's still a piece of ass though and that's something I really do appreciate. Japanese girls never let themselves go unless they were always fat and ugly. Attractive Japanese women are amongst the most narcissistic women on the planet.


I bet she purposely avoids the sun and wears high SPF sunscreen so she doesn’t tan. She gets any color from the sun and won’t be able to claim she’s Asian. Prob why she barely leaves the house since she lives in the sunshine state. Going outside must give her crazy fear and anxiety.
Ironically, that’s what actual Asians do.


Stand Alone Fruit
To sum it up - aikido is martial arts for wimps. It’s fighting that does the least amount of damage. It’s below slap fighting.

He met his whale of a wife through aikido which also shows it’s martial arts for fat lazy people.

You know who’s famous for aikido? Steven Seagal who is also very fat.
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