MC Serch-ial Media, or Do With This What You Will Fellas


For the last time, I am NOT Frank Grimes!
So shout out to the American fan for coming through on these (least he could do for not going to Youmacon for the fucking bit).

Sure enough, The Crown Prince of Chop CHEE himself, M.C. Serch has a very active social media presence. These were a handful I found amusing...


True tough guy there. And nothing more original than a white gangsta that loves the Lakers. And he just has to let you know he was in a suite, to boot! Serch must be doing well... Oh wait, no, it was on someone else's dime, hence the thank you at the end.


Speaking of handouts, nothing says rolling in dough like Chappelle tickets COMPED! No more album residuals?


You all can shit on my lyrics, but I have never said anything as daft as this.


... he just brings it on himself.


One of you needs to review how bad this shit must taste.



All made men in the rap game serve food. I hear you can catch Big Daddy Kane every Friday in his Mexic-Asian food truck.


This is just a bonus because I don't care to look into the details, but I guess Serch is working with a dealership? I didn't think he could even afford a car.