Loser idolized Tom Green as a kid, grew up retarded

Brooke Shields

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No wonder he's a drug addict that posts on a defunct radio forum every hour of the day


And now for the ball-washers below who like to applaud 1/10 effort shitposting, please defend the junkie and prove me right :image_4159:


DO NOT stare directly into Wyz's words
tbh Tom Green was cringe...but if you're Canadian, who remembers that POS "Mike Bullard Show"?

This is the faggot that inspired Tom Green. I met him, he's like the Toronto Scorch, just not good hearted (was a dirty cop before getting into showbiz)


Brooke Shields

Pest Rank: 87th of 113
The same Tom Green who was good friends with Norm and had him on every show he ever did, regularly, including some truly great episodes on his early webshow from his house? That Tom Green?

Maybe you should shut the fuck up.

Also, Freddie Got Fingered is genius.
This isn't a negative Tom Green post.

This is a negative forum loser post. The loser makes more sense when you realize what kind of annoying faggot shit a kid would be doing if he idolized Freddy Got Fingered at the age of 10, and then grew up to be a junkie loser