It's almost five years ago my dad died

It is almost 5 years ago my dad died and I miss him very much. I don't have a lot of pictures of him but I did find this older one that I want to get framed but I keep getting rejected by every store I visit. I even offered one shop to pay 150% but they told me they would call the police if I didn't leave.


That Nigga Dre

Black Earl Magic
I swear to you, in heaven. You never cut me slack ONCE during this month that has probably been the worst month of my life. And somehow, through some irony of god, through some joke that he finds funny, that the supreme brean finds funny, my birthday ends up at the end of this month that I have had the most brutal time of. I'm supposed to sit here and drink and have a great time, and act like nothing's happened whatsoever. I have been brutalized through this month, and you NEVER EVER cut me one ounce of slack. Not once did you ever say "HEY -- I'm here for YOU!" It was always "HEY - I'M HERE FOR ME!" and this was... -- Go ahead, Ronnie.