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Is this guy a sick freak or is he doing a hilarious bit?


Cars aren't built like they used to be.
Why do the cop cars have "Allyship" on the window? Is that even a fucking word? I guess it's friendship for allies, which is something to do with being queer because I keep hearing about "allies". The cops have to plaster that shit on their cars to make troons understand they aren't getting gunned down in the street by police. What a fucking bizarre time to be alive (not you obviously, Abe).


Ortega Mafia disciple
It's voyeurism. He's getting off by the thought of exciting young men and inviting them into his disgusting sexual fetish.

Look at these goofy faggots:


Each one of these dudes is wearing lingerie beneath their military dress and getting off that they're doing it in public.
If it were Halloween and he wore that as a Dolly Parton costume, he'd be fired and labelled a misogynist, but since he wore it on a random Tuesday we need to have a national discussion about gender expression. Pathetic.

Also, the amount of cowards trying to avoid the heart of the issue by framing it around safe attire in a shop environment instead of acknowledging the blatant perversion and mental illness on display is pretty disheartening. Keep trying to win the tranny debate on technicalities, it's been a great strategy so far!

That Nigga Dre

Black Earl Magic
Keep trying to win the tranny debate on technicalities, it's been a great strategy so far!

You gotta love watching them work themselves up with their futile semantics.

"So, AOC... Are you saying that you care more about immigrants than our own veterans?"

Yes stupid that's pretty much exactly what she said and she would probably say it in those exact words. The democrats are the real racists!!!!
There is no debate, this guy is a fucking perv and getting off on it. If I walked into class with a 14 ft penis where you can make out the head through my jeans, I'd be thrown out. This is no different
This is the slippery slope the RINOs were talking about 15 years ago with gay marriage. They already teach children under 10 years old about anal sex. Some gay freak showing up in fetish gear is pretty tame by comparison.

Patrick O'Neal

Honestly, I don't mind freaks.

I quite like the freaky deaky culture of the 60s and 70s when you called everyone "man" regardless of what they were.

The school in question clearly fucked up badly however. At some point in this timeline of transition they should have arranged to not had this person in front of children whilst also singing from the rooftops their policy on tolerance, inclusivity and diversity - our Three Main Strengths!

We live in an age of hypocrisy. Everyone takes to the streets to sing the praises of people who we would absolutely under no circumstances want anywhere near our own children.

The administration kind of fucked up by not realising that.
Only fag SJWs care about this. Whether pro or against. If your take on this kind of shit is anything more than "Yeah,that's cool" or "I'm against it", you're a virtue signalling, pearl clutching social justice warrior. Normal people don't give a shit either way.