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Imagine the absurdity of being penny eater

Penny Eat Peter

Cu cu cu cu
It's actually even worse than this. Pat was somehow invited to what I assume is Magneto and husband's house for a "Garden Party." Presumably getting to know Pat and getting all of the abuse made this the first and last party. Pennyeater has been a legendary retard for years now and he probably barely knows Pig. Also interesting that Niki clearly wasn’t there.





Imagine sort of knowing a guy and he has taken a couple of group photos with you in them over the years

Then one day you discover this place and find threads with a bunch of strangers talking about you and arguing if you're a retard or not

Youre just a normal guy minding his own business who just had the misfortune of a neighbor inviting you to thanksgiving and now this
Imagine being a McDonald’s manager and one day seeing a review about your restaurant by a large awful haircut who looks like he lives by a quarry and throws things down there for fun.

‘They badda da da da wrong order. The owner budda ba ba ba my change. Bunga gada gada gada. One star!’