Imagine if this guy was wearing his seatbelt. He'd be trapped in the forklift and be killed.

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Wearing seatbelts ona forklift is still gay though.
Idk, I think an ona forklift would be fun. I'm sure whichever brotherman designed it would omit seat belts and include a propane powered kegerator within arm's reach. Obviously it wouldn't be Artie since he's a safety nerd. Start working on it, Rapester.

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Wearing a seatbelt in a forklift is like wearing one in a wheelchair or on the couch. It's like putting on a seatbelt when you have to shift your car and it takes 20 seconds.

Also whoever driving that truck wasn't at fault: it doesn't take 20 whole seconds to pick a pallet up. Forklift guy was slow as shit and should be fired.