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If it weren’t for Opie, no one would hate Florentine


Still spreading the O&A virus
The stories on his podcast about getting arrested for his prank calls were fucking hilarious
SWAT teams literally slamming through his front door and crawling in teams through his windows multiple times because he was doing his "drowning grandpa in the bathtub" calls will always be funny. Him being detained and yelled at by cops and them frantically searching for grandpa's dead body and then him playing the prank calls for them must have been surreal. Probably more cops got lung cancer from the black mold in his house than from the dust in the WTC on 9/11.

Lamont & Tonelli

Brevity is... wit.
What kind of insecure asshole can't occasionally dip a French fry in ketchup without thinking it's an affront to his masculinity? Probably the same kind whose new wife gets piledrivered by a 25 year old cop.
Did he really say that? I knew a guy who refused to eat anything cylindrical, like a sausage or banana because it was "gay." Dunno if he would eat them cut up, but he seemed pretty serious about it and I didn't press the issue.