Holy Shit is this Joe Cumia? HUMILIATES ME for my Missy unplugs Nana's Ethernet video:




This is his Youtube Account...couple of musical instruments related videos I didn't bother clicking:

My old man got drafted when he was eighteen and they shipped him off to Korea. He almost froze to death and got shot in the ass twice. He never bragged or gloated about it, not even once. In fact, if you even mentioned the army he'd become completely disgusted. It was by far the biggest regret of his entire life, being forced to "serve".

Cut to today, where obese sweaty cretins like Joe demand respect and ooze with entitlement over having peeled spuds for a few months, like they stormed Iwo Jima or something. But now we know, Joe. You were nothing, a nobody, a meaningless cog in a stupid machine, there to avoid doing jail time and nothing more. Fat faggot.


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