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Ho-lee Shit! Reports Artie Lange may have passed...


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I never really gave a shit about Retartie one way or the other, but I developed a soft spot for the depraved, deformed junkie after he brazenly ripped Nana off and made a total mockery of his "show". I've never seen anyone put in less effort on anything than that disgusting dope fiend did on the A&A show. He never promoted it, he never even admitted to being involved with it. He constantly no-showed and when he did bother coming in, he was all kinds of fucked up, taking numerous blow breaks, babbling incoherently and oozing blood and pus all over everything. It was really something to see. And gutless Nana did absolutely nothing aside from sitting there with that dumb look on his face, nervously tittering like a giant fag.
I always think about this. What did Nana expect? Retardie couldnt even get clean for Howard, he was gonna get clean for the alt-right basement show that was 1/25th of his old salary?

Mitch Weaver

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I would be bummed if he's truly dead. I mean, I'd continue life normally and not actually care at all, but I would be upset for a few seconds if a headline confirms. Coke on cheeseburgers shitposting is fun, but never out of any real hatred.
In all seriousness I’d feel bummed for more than a few seconds. He seems like a good working class dude who just can’t help but self destruct. Guilt about his old man, suppressing his gayness, etc.

He made me loff a lot the last 25 years or so on Stern, dirty work, beer league and of course for ass raping Nana.

Take care, brush your hair.

The Fuchitive

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At this point I really don’t believe he’s dead. I’ve asked almost a dozen people in that circle who’ve given me info before and they either don’t know or say he’s fine. I feel like at least one of them would have spilled by now, if CumGuzzler69 on Reddit can get this info I sure as shit should be able to.


I always think about this. What did Nana expect? Retardie couldnt even get clean for Howard, he was gonna get clean for the alt-right basement show that was 1/25th of his old salary?

He was supposed to get a bonus for each new sub and Keith leaked the news before they signed the contract so they basically stole money from him.


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this led to some great moments on stern though. The infamous 'bro fight' for one
It also lead to him owning Joe Buck Live and killing the show. Because once Buck goofed on Artie for even a second Artie literally just unleashed a torrent of venom until Buck himself was basically catatonic and in disbelief. Disbelief that his first show was turning out to be his last. But you could tell that a 'last kid picked in gym class' with a rich father guy picking on working class jock Artie was not a good idea. When the working class jock was a comedian seasoned in fighting people with jokes.

Artie also had public meltdowns on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. And once had an epic binge drinking meltdown on Stern when they were live in Vegas. That resulted in him attacking the actor who played Vito from the Sopranos as if the actual actor was homosexual.