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Ho-lee Shit! Reports Artie Lange may have passed...


Hush Child, I'm on TV
Saget was much more of a household name than Lange.

He was also a Jew.
Exactly, and the circumstances were kind of bizarre too. My point being that a celebrity like that MIGHT have a team who'd have the wherewithal to keep the news quiet for a few hours, but Artie? Why would anyone feel compelled to suppress that news?
I never really gave a shit about Retartie one way or the other, but I developed a soft spot for the depraved, deformed junkie after he brazenly ripped Nana off and made a total mockery of his "show". I've never seen anyone put in less effort on anything than that disgusting dope fiend did on the A&A show. He never promoted it, he never even admitted to being involved with it. He constantly no-showed and when he did bother coming in, he was all kinds of fucked up, taking numerous blow breaks, babbling incoherently and oozing blood and pus all over everything. It was really something to see. And gutless Nana did absolutely nothing aside from sitting there with that dumb look on his face, nervously tittering like a giant fag.