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Happy birthday to my sweet grandpa Rick!


Will Tate

Yours in Christ
Happy Birthday to our friend Pat, here's him in the Boston Marathon 2 years ago, he finished 4th from last, but he still finished, happy birthday, Pat!
A VERY happy birthday to Mama Raven from your special important favorite boy Pat, thanks for teaching me to never let the idiots win!
A happy 10th anniversary to my second, better wife Nike, thanks for showing me I wasn't really broken, Love Pat.
Yeah, management loves the direction of this bit. Please do have fun.


The requested thread could not be found
Wrong in every detail, local news idiots. You have been duped by a cabal pf cyberstalking white supremacists like the fucking morons that you are. My name is not Rick and I am not 83 years old. Retract the birthday wishes tomorrow!
They must have known cyberstalkers were targeting me. The news egged them on and are probably also nazis.