Goodbye to the Musical Criticism section


Joe Cumia sent cease/desist after his DD214 release and admin said this is not worth fighting.
Honestly if this is true, the sub ended on a high note (music reference!) with the DD214. Plus that report will live on for an eternity.

You can't hide behind your service anymore Joseph, we all know the truth.

I feel like doing a mailer to his zipcode with pictures of Joe Cumia wearing 82nd gear and a copy of this report with some lines about him being into Stolen Valor.


Well allow me to retort :

I mean i can just leave it if you maudlin queers want. It was just
  • people have been annoying me for less sections forever
  • makes some cleanup and admin shit a little easier
  • going out on the high note of the service record seemed fitting

There's no other reason. I'll just leave it.


Shock Jock