End of an Era

The singer has a nice voice, just like every girl in every high school chorus but it is very strong mostly on key and her timing is decent. Other than that, everyone is in the shittiest room imaginable trying to not bonk each other in the head. Who the fuck performs on an overstuffed squishy couch? If he leans back he's going to hit the drummer or one of his cymbals. Somehow joe got all the notes right but made it sound wrong, I'm no expert but either it was the wrong guitar for the sound he needed or just too many bad effects. That song should be played with a gibson sound, no distortion and maybe a tiny bit of an echo. Joe sounds like he is playing it with gloves on and loose plugs. LIke I said, I don't know enough to explain it but it just sounds awful. The drummer is doing his best with 3 square feet and one of his drums under the couch but why would he even bother? The feel I get is these guys decided to record the whole thing so they could have "basement tapes" after they eventually got famous. Typical slobrojoe, just can't get anything right.


I got a lien on my house!
Fawwwkk man, little tear to my eye playing this song, lil bit lil bit.

Feel like I took Joe for granted these last couple years. Everytime i came to this place i got a good laugh. Way to beat the haters, Joe. He should write Pat a nice thank you letter.

For the rest of my life whenever I hear U2 or Journey ill picture this idiot marching into the people's court and smile.
You might remember the singer from the photo joe posted about teaching guitar to the underprivileged. Not sure who she is, but that's the one. I bet the first text message planning this session was "My parents are gone for the weekend"

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Sad really


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Musical Criticism being retired. Joe Cumia no longer warranting his own section.

Thanks for many many years of loffs Joe. Patposting has put you on the backburner but there will always be a special place in the hearts and minds of brothermen everywhere.

Call in with your favorite Joe stories. The phones are lighting up right now

wait a fucking minute isn't this the guy that gave joe the cutoff signal during blue oyster dolt?