Dan said I'm an incel who's never been laid. Oh yeah?


I got a lien on my house!

Gay Faggot.

Protecting our white homeland, child.
It's a bit, none of us have a fucking clue. May as well be Denny Falcone for all I care
Whoa now. Are you saying you wouldn’t care if DJ Denny Falcone is posting on here? You can fucking leave if that’s your attitude. I can tell you this much, pal. If Denny was DJing for this forum we wouldn’t be in this shit mess. Just enjoying the hard drive of hits.


"This message is from a debt collector..."
her stupid report is repetitive
Nah, it represents two of the things Pat most hates: his dwindling social influence, and consistent effort.

She spends five minutes a day working on that, and demonstrates the kind of stick-to-it-ness that Pat lacks. If he had that kind of "must do this every day" attitude, he'd be a fit marathon runner with a daughter; and I think it rankles him to see it.