Brother Joe Live on YouTube right now

Nana thinks he's a comedian hosting a talk show, Joe thinks he's a working musician doing "gigs". In reality they're both social media-obsessed faggots with zero self-awareness or shame, but at least Nana has a real job on his resume. Joe has been playing his gay guitar for forty years and setting up a mic in the foyer of the local Moose Lodge and playing to an audience of no one is the result of all that wasted time.

Gay Faggot.

Happy New Years REDDITARDS!! It’s gonna be SHIT.
Goddamn I would've enjoyed this. These are never available to see later on right? Guessing nobody cares enough to record them somehow lol
If I watched on my computer I would have but I’m out of town currently. The bigger problem is there’s only little gems every like 10 minutes so it’s hard to pay attention. It’s mostly just JoeH playing along with a recording like a 10 year learning guitar. Then a couple minutes of him putting his glasses on so he can read the screen and looking for the next song. He’s worse than a karaoke machine. Just like Eric!