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BK's woke Spider-Verse Whopper

Story time;

So like ten years ago, when Gamergate was a thing, I was more or less sympathetic to it. I didn't care about "geek blackface" or "the gamer identity" or any of that faggotry, but in the years running up to it I had notice this rise of retarded, like, hipster geek whatever type people, everywhere related to vidya. And I got annoyed with them. And I naturally sympathized with the Gamergaters and their crusade. "Yeah!", I'd say to myself, "Go get these hipster cunts". And get them they did. But, slowly but surely, these feisty little underdogs started getting weirder and weirder. Every single thing needed to be "a front in our war on SJWs!". SJWs being what they used to call "woke" before it was a catch-all term to be used whenever.

Like every single thing they did needed to be addressing the SJWs, referring to the SJWs, or a commentary on what "those SJWs would say it they got a load of this!". Every. Fucking. Thing.

And then they had Kickstarters. And comic books! And podcasts! And then the more and more they talked, they further and further they went, it became kind of apparent... these kids are fucking retarded, and had been the entire time.

And I often wonder to myself; how many people were sympathetic to these little "crusades" before it became apparent that they're 90% made of of literal, bonafide retards.