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Audrey from twin peaks and meeeee!

:4_sinks: hi FAGGOTS, I met Audrey from twin peaks at the Aria brehs!!! Said she was used to talking to guys who are 4'9"... Lotta short guys in Hollywood!

Tried to invite myself back to her hotel room but our schedules clashed. No shit!

images (20).jpeg
I read somewhere that the Audrey subplot in "The Return" was a meta kind of deal about how difficult Sherilyn Fenn was being, and the little guy represents David Lynch. Probably bullshit.
I read that too. I also read it was about the audience. I have no idea I just remember being disturbed by her short part in it.
New theory... lynch knew everyone wanted cooper and Audrey to end up together. They were pissed when Audrey dated someone else.

So lynch put her with someone even less suited to her for a gag.
I read that too. I also read it was about the audience. I have no idea I just remember being disturbed by her short part in it.
The whole show was a deconstruction of the original TP, and Audrey's story was a deconstruction within a deconstruction. She badgers the little guy re: her story, she wallows in old TP nostalgia for a minute, then it cuts to her in clinical white, all old and tired-looking. I bet she had no idea what he was doing when he filmed her scenes.