are you a Volunteer firefighter, separating the boys from the men

Nigger Jim

I'm not a Fed
I think it's every man's role in life to be a Volunteer firefighter. Unless you are missing limbs or a commie faggot, you should HAVE to be one. Only pussies are not Volunteer firefighters.

I was one for years; some say I "took it too far". But my chief was a nigger lover, so don't listen to him. I used to go to schools and randomly give fire safety talks, telling the students I would get drunk and rape them if they didn't change the batteries on their fire alarms. Speaking of fire alarms, I also would check random houses to see if theirs worked. I checked one house at 3 am a friend of my ex's wife. The alarm was just fine when I checked it, but by 4:12, the house burned down, killing her and her fucking bastards.

I also used to check the different campgrounds in Shiawassee County. I used to brief campsites about keeping fires out safely. Then, I used to watch the teenager have sex while standing behind trees. I would wait for the male to go off and piss and then bash the female's head open. Should have put the fire out!

If I ever get to be a Volunteer firefighter again, I will go in the basement and shoot myself in the heart in front of my parents on my last day. I earned that!
...and punt.