APOSTLEGATE CHAPTER 5: Civil War at the California Quash SmackDown



In this chapter of APOSTLEGATE, we follow a fake fight between two forum factions, Rahuligans vs Canyoneros!

Patrick sends Josiah his evidence folder he used in the case!

Things get exciting as Huffington Post reporters come after Canyon Boykin in real life!

All this and more in APOSTLEGATE 5, FOUND HERE:

LINK TO PATRICK'S EVIDENCE FOLDER: https://ufile.io/jbgdcx21



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@SpaceEdge, Mr. Boykin Sir great work!

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"They are trying to destroy me, my reputation, and my career." - :image_9250:

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Patrick: 5pm works for me. Question, however. And forgive me for being somewhat suspicious, but after the last three years of impersonations and identity theft I’ve grown a little cynical.
I can’t seem to find your name among the editors or staff at huffington post’s website. Also, all the staff email domains over there that I can see are .com, not .net as yours is presenting as. Is there a reason for this?
Josiah: I understand why you would be cautious.
I’m an assistant editor, my job is to present information to the editor to decide if they want to use the story.The people you see online are probably my bosses. If the story is accepted I can have an editor call or email you.
I don’t know why there is a .com and .net difference. I will email IT and let you know shortly.

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