APOSTLEGATE CHAPTER 2: How Fake News Becomes Fake Litigation + JOSIAH SPECIAL





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My summary I did on the farms for those who cant listen

- Mole is reluctant to give too many details, reporter starts by asking him questions about the OnA subreddit. Reporter admits that she was once a target of the subreddit.
- Mole said he reached out to Patrick while subreddit was up to try and give him advice to leave trolls along. Pat gave hostile response.
- Mole gives reporter history of how Pat came to the subs attention. Reporter agrees that Pat's problem is feeding the trolls.
- Mole gives up Cris Italia to the reporter as one OnAforums trolls. Admits existence of a secret forum.
- Mole says he never participated in any attacks after the sub stopped targeting Opie and Anthony targets.
- Reporter: "What do the people that the subreddit go after all have in common?" Mole: "He feeds the trolls." Reporter: "Yeah"
- Quasi's identity is discussed, mole gives his name up as Rahul. Gives up SpaceEdge as officer Boykin.
- Reporter is aware of Canyon Boykin's history as a cop, says that his former job would make it easy for him to doxx people.
- Reporter "Are you scared of the other users." Mole: "As long as my username doesn't become public, I should be okay."
- Mole has apparently given reporter his real name.
- Mole: "There's only a few dozen forum members left." Says that everyone is pretty secretive with their identities, forum is mostly male.
- Mole is still a member of the forums because he wants to see how it ends. "I'm disgusted with them."
- Reporter says mole sounds like he's in his early twenties. Mole says she is incorrect.
- Reporter asks if there are any other power users other than Quasi and SpaceEdge. Mole says he doesn't know anyone.
- Reporter is planning on writing an article about the forums. Asks if Cris Italia is still posting. Mole says he is probably back on a third account.
- Reporter admits she doesn't know what to do with the story. Says she will ask mole for permission if she quotes him directly. Doesn't want to accidentally give up his identity.
- Mole advises reporter to completely ignore the trolls if they harass her after the article is released.
- Mole talks about what happened to Logan Lynn, tells reporter about Beige Frequency documentary.
- Reporter asks for more info on other forum targets. Asks mole not to drop her name on the forum. Said she had a death in the family earlier in the year and the trolls would go after the obituary page. (Oh no...)
- Interview ends with her thanking mole.


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"AM: Yeah, there’s a lot of fake news and it comes in various formats. It’s OK for all of us to occasionally fall for something that’s not real or checkable in the same ways, but it’s worth noting the ways that so many people profit form it."