9/11 hijacker in happier times



Still spreading the O&A virus
Antwan Kumiya feeds his pet tiger. I remember when I first listened to O&A totally believing that they were my age. "Late 20s why?". "You know you're a child of the 80s if!!". Just a couple of White men from Long Island talking to each other. Talking about pop culture, news events, and attractive women. If you had shown me a picture of O&A together out of context and said "guess who they are" I would have though it was a gay middle aged couple or an Iraqi refugee from the Gulf War and his suburban WASP lawyer.

Years later during the XM years they started appearing on television and even in commercials. And you could see that not only were the both MUCH older than they attempted to sound on radio. But Anthony was an arab and not even White. His continued appearance up to this day is proof that he is delusional about being mixed race (and ugly). I remember some of his most vicious moments on the show were when women would call him unattractive. Like interns or porn whores or whoever. One of Ian Halperin's whores said Anthony's face looked like someone poked holes in it with a screwdriver and he started attacking her for being a spic and not being White.