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If you'd said chiseler, now there's a word...
Reminder: Dan is a spiteful retard who will try to utilize his forum to dox people he hates, but will fail because of his intellectual disability

However due to his down syndrome laced opsec he will somehow manage to unintentionally dox everyone including his small contingency of kiwi ballwashers

Definitely sign up for the lolz but use a VPN
What a 1 sink take...


sleepy time tea jenna is my hero
Reminder: Dan is a spiteful retard who will try to utilize his forum to dox people he hates, but will fail because of his intellectual disability

If you're not Dougie or Snake you have nothing to worry about.

Still don't DM him any personal info because you might get Stu Lightning'd. That's just common sense.

Uncle Anthony Cumia

Hot tubs, guns and slack jawed brothers
I don't have a professional background in police work that would qualify me to produce a podcast, but if you're trying to build an audience is it an industry "best practice" to broadcast at completely irregular times on no set schedule on different channels each time?
It works for me funster. None of you have jobs to worry about being up for so you stay up and listen! Patrick already said he is all of yours job!

Jackie's Street Shitter

Loo loo loo loo
1) I invented that rule(HOO HOO) and only I can enforce it.
Unlike Dan I have lingered longer and am well aware of this fact. It makes your refusal to practice good etiquette even more upsetting

I even originally car crashed your post but realizing I am quoting it right now, had to go back and correct it. We are after all a society of civilized men