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“Tailgating Culture”


Stand Alone Fruit
Piggy went on a long rant about the Brewers that nobody cared about because it’s about his fly over city of Milwaukee

Getting simply blasted? You’re 43 years old piggy. He doesn’t realize bragging about this stuff at his age is not only pathetic but proof he’s a full blown alcoholic. Sad!


Ask me about my cock size
The Mets are a gay team of faggots that constantly lose. The only thing keeping that stadium in butter brickle IS the fan culture.
Same thing with the Jets, Brewers and so on: Shitty teams galvanize fanbases, who are willing to keep their investments going in losing teams, because they wanna be there at ground zero when (or if) the team finally does turn it around (plus their parents and family members were fans and indoctrinated them into teams, etc.)

One big component in keeping the fans/“troops” going, for all its issues, IS tailgating. It may have its faults but it’s not a “problem”. If it were to dissipate through your kind of Karen-istic fiat, then you’d have a severe drop in stadium attendance that might make or break a stadium that houses a team of consistent losers, you fucking fat, gay faggot.

Why don’t you just say what you mean to say, Pat: A ton of fat, straight white cis people, congregating in a parking lot and drinking, is - as far as you’re concerned - the equivalent of 5 holocausts.